I feel lost, helpless, like im just a burden on people. No one understands me and no one knows who I am. And i guess its good this way as then no one knows the truth. I feel lonley and sometimes i feel like im running, trying to escape my thoughts

She was scared

Scared to leave the house

Scared that people would look at her

Scared that she would be judged

Scared to simply talk to someone

Scared to get too close

Scared to let someone in

Scared to be herself

She was scared,

That people would know her secret, that they would know who she was.

Run Away.

caffeinated sonnets

Come take my hand.

We’re inches away, several miles apart.

Just a little closer. Just a bit more.

You tear up on cue, with a wary soul.

Clouded judgement, forgotten memories.

We promised forever,  minds at war.

A love of a lifetime.

Where did we go wrong?

Shards of glass broken, as still as the moonlight.

And now, a fleeting glimpse of goodbye.

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